Welcome To 11th Photolovers Circuit

Photolovers Circuits are sponsored by the Photolovers group which has so far organized ten International Photolovers Circuits, without any break, very successfully. Photolovers Circuits are one of the largest Circuits in India with three judgings and five sections. Last six Catalogues of the Photolovers Circuits have been awarded FIVE STAR category by the FIAP, unmatched in India.This time, however, owing to very high postage costs, this 11th Circuit will only have CD Catalogue.
Photolovers Circuit is recognized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA), for all the sections and has got the valuable patronage of the FIAP also. The Circuit is also approved by the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP).

More Club Discount - This year, we have offered 20% discount in Entry Fees for Club Entrants if they are 11 or more !!! The discount of 10% will be available if the Club entrants are 5-10.