About Us

Photolovers Group is organizing International Circuits in India since last 11 years and to their credit, this is the 11th International Circuit which is presented to all the Photolovers of the World.

The last 6 Circuit catalogues have been awarded 5 Star category by the FIAP and this is the ONLY Circuit in India to have achieved this rare distinction. However, this year, owing to very high cost of International postage of bulky catalogue Coffee Book, CD catalogue will only be sent to the entrants.

This year the 11th Circuit is approved by the PSA and the FIP for all the 5 sections of the Circuit in its 3 judgings. The Circuit has also been granted the patronage of the FIAP for all the sections and all the 3 judgings.

This year, there are more than 300 Awards to be won in this Circuit. There will be 15 PSA Gold Medals and 45 PSA HMs, 15 FIAP Gold Medals and 15 FIAP Silver Medals in the Circuit. In addition to these International Medals, we are offering 45 Gold Medals and 45 Silver Medals from Photolovers. There are many PSA, FIAP and PL HM Ribbons to be won in this year's Circuit.

There are cash awards also for the Indian entrants.

Each and every award of the Photolovers Circuit is always authenticated by a printed Certificate also.

This year we are offering Club discount of 10% from 5-10 entrants from a club but where the Club entrants are 11 or more we are offering a discount of 20% !!! Club entrants may please submit their entry online as usual individually and the office bearer of the Club may then send an email to Circuit Chairman giving details of all the Club Members who are participating. Discount as applicable, may be calculated at the end and the fees may be paid by PayPal by foreign entrants and by online transfer/Cheque/DD by Indian entrants. One address for sending all the Club CDs/Awards may also please be provided.

We invite all the Photo enthusiasts of the world to participate and win many awards in this Circuit and enrich our Circuit.